– location scouting / research (online and on location)
– photographing textures and HDRI images to be used in city matte paintings
– matte painting projection set up for complex city scenes, multiple projection cams with multiple projection layers
– modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering of buildings for matte painting integration

Smallville (TV Series)
– modeling, texturing, animating, lighting on a variety of shots
– on set supervisor

King Kong
– lighting of full stage and Kong on stage and jumping into the audience
– lighting of the Brontos, Raptors and trees
– lighting of bridge extension and cables behind Ann

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
– lighting on a variety of shots
– matte painting to digitally remove concrete steps out of shot plate

Alien versus Predator
– modeling

– matte painting for multiple city/wall shots, texture painting
– modeling, UV layout of Trojan buildings, props, and the palace of Troy
(polygonal modeling in several levels of details while keeping the UVs,
following architectural blueprints used by the set builders)
– lighting
– model of a crow

Big Fish
– model, texture layout, lighting, rendering of a C-47 airplane

Die Another Day
– lighting technical director on the “ice wave” sequence

George And The Dragon
– model maker, suit performer

– model of Roman coliseum for set extension

Fear Dot Com
– textures, lighting and animation for collapsing ball
– particle system for cockroaches running across a room
– modeling collision geometry,
– tracking using Maya live

The Musketeer
– modeling of a grappling hook
– animating a shadow of a rope cast onto a curved tower surface

Starhunter (TV series)
– visual effects supervisor for shoot in Canada

Tea Tattoo
– model and animation of a spider for traditional animator to use as a template

Catching The Stars
– model of a space station solar panel
– textures for a photo realistic Earth

2001: A Space Travesty
– model of a Space Shuttle, boosters and external tank
– textures for Space Shuttle

Otto, Der Katastrofenfilm
– model, animation, texturing and rendering of title logo breaking apart
– animation of people walking on the deck of the “Queen Henry”

– specialty prop maker: weapons, money chips, ID-cards, scanning bracelets

– particle meteoroids
– model and textures for space shuttle thrusters

– model of space ship interior following blueprints
– model, animation, textures, particles for space ship exploding
– design of “The Sphere”
– model and animated textures for control panel

The Truman Show
– moonlit water surface (Arete digital nature tools), moon and light beam

Hard Rain
– model and animation of birds flying
– model, textures, lighting of traffic lights

Batman & Robin
– models, textures, lighting and animation of a variety of “Batarangs” and cables throughout the film
– design of “Mr Freeze telescope” barrel interior
– cg debris falling down the observatory cliff

– textures for detonator sequence

The Postman
– model of railroad cars and terrain for matte painting

– model, matchmove and lighting of CGI visor

Devil’s Advocate
– particle smoke (Dynamation)
– model and matchmoving of collision geometry

Air Force One
– model, textures and matchmoving of 747 tail fin to add bullet holes
– cgi debris to replace actual debris of model plane exploding

Smilla’s Sense Of Snow
– textures and rendering of snow covered sidewalk

Space Jam
– model of stadium, uprights, score board and parts of space ship
– photo realistic basketball, textures
– lighting of spaceship in tunnel (Renderman)
– stretching and breaking logo animation
– model of dog’s teeth and gums

Jerry Maguire
– model, textures, lighting, animation of direct TV satellite using physical model as reference

– dolphin model