Unless noted otherwise, all work was done in Maya and back in the early days, in Alias Poweranimator.

- city layout, modeling, lighting, texturing of buildings for matte painting integration
- photographer for HDRI photography on texture shoot for matte paintings

King Kong
- lighting of full stage and Kong on stage and jumping into the audience
- lighting of the Brontos, Raptors and trees.
- lighting of Kong on stage (shackles, poles, uprights and stage too)
- lighting of bridge extension and cables behind Ann
- lighting of Kong on stage (shackles, poles, uprights and stage too)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
- projection grass texture (Renderman) and geometry for bridge in foreground to remove steps in bridge
- whip animation, lighting of door and room
- lighting of lower part of Oompa Loompa stage (original stage had to be replaced due to moco misalignment)
- 2d squirrel placement for a variety of scenes
- lighting of Oompa Loompas for a variety of scenes in tunnel
- lighting of ceiling and wall for a variety of scenes

- 3d layout for tent sequence, yurts and mountain models
- models of buidings, palace, street
- matte painting of wall and tower for sequence of arrows being shot from the wall
- matte painting of wall behind the guy with the hammer
- matte painting of wall (everything to the left of tower in the center of the frame)
- models of burnt and collapsed buildings

Big Fish
- model, texture layout, lighting of C-47 plane (rendered in Renderman)

Die Another Day
- lighting of wave, James Bond, shute and icebergs. (rendered in Renderman)

Fear Dot Com
- collapsing ball: animation, texturing, lighting (everything except for cockroaches)
- particle systems, fields and collision geometry for cockroaches

The Musketeer
- animation of rope shadow on wall

- particle asteroids
- shuttle engines, model, texturing, lighting, particles

- explosion of space ship under water. animation, lighting, texturing, particles, all elements except for spherical shockwave
- design of the Sphere
- model of spaceship interior
- model of elevator shaft

The Truman Show
- moon, lightbeam and water using Arete Digital Nature Tools

Hard Rain
- model, textures, lighting of traffic lights

Batman and Robin
- design of the inside of the telescope. textures, particles.
- Batarangs and ropes, modelling, texturing, lighting, animation

- textures for detonator

Devil's Advocate
- particle smoke using Dynamation

Air Force One
- bullet hits in tail of 747. Textures, geometry, matchmoving
- debris for exploding refueling plane

Space Jam
- parts of spaceship model
- lighting of ship in tunnel (rendered in Renderman)
- animation, textures, WB logo, particle cloud
- photorealistic basketball, textures, lighting
- model of stadium parts, uprights, scoreboard, pressbox, Toon placement
- design of glowing basketball, matchmoving, lighting, particles

Jerry Maguire
- direct TV satellite model, animation, textures, lighting

- dolphin model

- particle stars

For more information on the films listed above, visit the Internet Movie Data Base (imdb.com).